Prayer Page

As I utter these prayers from my mouth, O God,
In my soul may I feel your presence.
The knee that is stiff, O healer make pliant.
The heart that is hard, make warm beneath your wing.
The wound that is giving my pain, O best of healers, make whole
And may my hopes and my fears find a listening place with you.
a prayer from Iona.

O God, the Father of  lights, from whom cometh down every good and perfect gift, mercifully look down upon our frailty and infirmity, and grant us such health of body as thou knowest to be needful for us, that both in body and soul we may evermore serve thee with all our strength; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
(John Cosin… 1595-1672)

Take from us, O God, all pride and vanity, all boasting and forwardness, and give us the true courage that shows itself by gentleness; the true wisdom that shows itself by simplicity; and the true power that shows itself by modesty.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
(Charles Kingsley 1819-1875)

O Christ our Master and Lord, who from the ranks of ordinary men and women did call individuals and weld them into a fellowship, do the same for us now, we pray. May this hour mark for us the beginning of a new determination to live not for ourselves, but for the community. Help us to put away all mere prejudice or dislike, all aloofness and shyness, any superiority which pride may have engendered, and any inferiority which fear may have created, so that being truly ourselves, we may lose all egotism of either pride or fear, and give to the fellowship that which you have given us.
May none within our fellowship feel lonely or unwanted, useless or unloved, for you love us and have a purpose for each one of us. In that knowledge, may we love and care for one another. For  your name’s sake. Amen.
(from a Private House of Prayer by Leslie Weatherhead)

Why should I feel discouraged?
Why should the shadows fall?
Why should my heart feel lonely
and long for Heaven and home?
When Jesus is my portion
a constant friend is he.
His eye is on the sparrow
and I know he watches me.
(an African American Spiritual)