WaterAid—Jars of Change Lent Appeal 2018

Ruqqa is a 12 year old girl, one of nine siblings, living in a coastal district of Pakistan. She is unable to attend school as there is no running water, no working toilets (they have to go out in the open, which causes foul smelling land and a breeding ground for mosquitos), nothing to drink all day and nowhere to wash hands. This lack of clean water makes it hard for students to concentrate and increases the risk of catching diseases. Ruqqa is desperate to return to school as she wishes to become a nurse and dedicate her life to helping others.

Jars of Change is a scheme whereby ‘sleeves’ will be provided to put over a jam jar, into which you can put your loose change for the period of Lent, and the money raised will be sent to help young people like Ruqqa. The PCC agreed we should support this cause.

Jar sleeves will be available shortly in Church, so start saving!