REACH-GROW- SUSTAIN resources for your parish as you pray and discuss how to support God’s mission in every parish through our Common Fund in 2018. A Christian presence in every community from the Humber to the Tees 600 churches, 128 Church Schools and academies, 300 clergy,200 readers and thousands of dedicated lay people.

The PCC will shortly be having to debate and decide on the amount that this Parish aims to contribute to the Diocese for 2018.

This Free Will Offering programme was introduced in 2013 to give every Church the freedom to set its own agenda, prayerfully and sacrificially, but this freedom does come with great responsibility.

As the Archbishop Dr John Sentamu has recently written, these are exciting times in the Diocese, exploring how we can reach people we currently don’t, grow in numbers and move to a place of financial sustainability. All this needs to be done on the back of much prayer and seeking God, asking to be filled afresh, with the Holy Spirit.

In 2017 our offer has been £18000 an increase of £500 from the previous year, so what should we be aiming for in 2018? Please pass any comments to a PCC member.

A few excellent  information leaflets are at the back of Church but if you borrow one please return.

Alternatively you could read this online at  http://www.dioceseofyork.org.uk/freewilloffer.

Gordon Young