‘Word’ for January 2018


January 2018

I read this and I found it so encouraging I wanted to share it with you all.


“Defeat is not in front of you, I am”

Yes, you have eternal life, yet I breathe even more of My Spirit upon you to make you new. Ride upon the wings of My Spirit and soar higher than before. Worship gives you wings to fly and My Spirit gives you power. I decree over you this day: the battles of yesterday are over!

When you feel powerless I am near. When you feel empty I come even closer to you. I am drawn to your need as a river is drawn into the lowest place. I will fill you and hover over you this day to give you strength in weakness, wisdom in your darkness, and grace in your difficulty. My works are always liberating. What I do in your life will always bring you into greater freedom. It is the enemy of your soul that restricts you and reminds you of your limitation. I will point you to the Holy Place where I have seated you on high. Listen to My voice and strength will enter your inner being.

Nothing will overcome you. Flood, fire, and storm cannot harm you. Defeat is not in front of you, I am. For I AM the Overcomer, the Conqueror, the Victor. I have sent My warrior angel to be at your side and bring you into triumph. Nothing will stop you as you move forward in My power. The angel of victory is near you with a mighty sword to sever every chain and shackle that has kept you staying in one place, when I have called you forward. I say to you, your chains are cut, they are removed, and you will see them no more. Your feet are free to dance and to step out in faith. Your hands are set free to be raised in praise, waving as banners of victory. Your mouth is filled with high praises to bring others into the place of freedom. And your heart is now free to be filled with glory, unspeakable glory!

As you step out in faith, more freedom will come to you. As you move out in triumph you will see nothing but victory. Come with Me and you will see one triumph after another. Have I not promised to make you the fragrance of life and victory? Leave every doubt behind and step out with Me and I will breathe more of My life into you and you will soar with Me on the wings of the Spirit.

May God richly bless you all as you step out in faith with Jesus this New Year.


**This is from the semi-weekly “I Hear His Whisper” devotions from The Passion Translation. Used by permission. You can subscribe to these at thepassiontranslation.com.


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