This popular Saturday morning programme on BBC Radio York visited our Church on the morning of 4 March.  For those who do not hear the programme at all, the presenters have to visit various locations in North Yorkshire following clues given by the ‘Keeper’,  with directions entirely given by listeners phoning in to the studio.

The morning had started in Old Malton, with the first clue taking them to Baldersons’ cafe in Thornton-le-Dale, where they collected the next clue.

“To the east lies the King singing Gospel.
 A voice of one crying in the wilderness

As that night we had got Neil Hardisty coming to sing Elvis gospel songs, that solved the first part of the clue, and the second obviously referred to St John the Baptist.

After various false trails (people suggesting Levisham (!) and Allerston (where there they thought there was a St John’s church), someone phoned in (from Heworth) having solved the clue. Jeremy and Adam duly arrived at Church just after 10am, where Margaret Partington (who had been the contact with Radio York) gave them the next clue. They interviewed Margaret, and Christine and Geoff Derrington (who talked about the Church history) before setting off for Burniston, which is where the trail led them to next. Various other venues in and around Scarborough completed the morning’s trail.


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