Visit of Bishop Alison

Visit of Bishop Alison to the Scarborough Deanery  Thursday 12 November 2015 Bishop Alison - our new Bishop of Hull, will be leading a short service at St Martin’s-on-the-hill at 7.00 pm on the evening of her visit.  Everyone is very welcome. After the service she will answer questions submitted in advance.  If you would … Continue reading Visit of Bishop Alison


Brims and Bows

On 21 October was an interesting evening, with Deena Pickard giving a short history of hat making, from outrageous headgear in the 1800’s, a fashion for bird feathers (thankfully outlawed in the early 1900’s), and a renewed enthusiasm for hat wearing after Princess Diana started wearing so many different styles.  The background to some well known … Continue reading Brims and Bows